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Code of Conduct

Feminist War Cult (FWC) operates on a code of conduct designed to keep it’s members, community managers, and others safe. This code of conduct is a living document and may be frequently changed as the needs of the community change. The code of conduct applies to all spaces FWC maintains a presence, including in public facing social spaces like Twitter, private spaces like PlayStation parties and DMs, and in our community spaces.

FWC is a community with a diverse array of people, many of whom are marginalized individuals. Please refrain from disparaging others. FWC does not tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, etc. We also do not tolerate the use of slurs & hateful language. We are intolerant of intolerance in all it’s forms.

FWC has many folks who are gender diverse. You are expected to learn people’s pronouns as such. Ask people for their pronouns in PlayStation parties and Discord calls. If you misgender someone, please apologize, and try to do better in future. If someone is repeatedly or intentionally misgendering you, please contact a community manager immediately.

FWC is a space where adult discussions may happen, including some adult jokes in chats, but it is also not a place for adult content, such as pornography. Keep it out of our main spaces. Adult content is fine in private spaces, but always ensure that proper consent is obtained. If someone approaches you about adult content without appropriate consent, inform a community manager immediately.

Disagreements and heated moments are almost a guarantee in any large community. In such incidents, recognize that all involved parties are humans, same as you are, and defuse any possible confrontation as quickly as possible. If an issue can be taken and settled in the DMs, it should go there. If further intervention or mediation is required, please contact a community manager for help.

If you see people who are violating this code of conduct, whether in the Discord or elsewhere, please let one of the community managers know. Community managers will then take action as appropriate for the situation. This action may range from a warning to a ban for more serious or repeat offenses.